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If you live, work, or need physical therapy in East Rutherford, New Jersey, you can contact us at our First Class Physical Therapy office in Passaic.

At First Class Physical Therapy, we want to help you feel better. We want to ease your pain and help you regain your strength through our compassionate physical therapy exercises.

As your physical therapy team, we are all highly-trained professionals. We strive to help each of our patients recover and heal by:

  • Providing personalized care and attention tailored to each patient
  • Utilizing state-of-the-art rehab equipment
  • Demonstrating our dedication to all patients by caring deeply about their health, healing, and overall well-being

We view every patient as a valued individual. We are fully committed to serving as your partners through physical therapy, aiding your recovery, and helping you reclaim your active life. Don’t hesitate to contact us to begin your journey toward feeling like yourself again.

About East Rutherford, New Jersey

East Rutherford, NJ, in Bergen County, is a suburb 7 miles west of NYC. Formed on April 17, 1889, from Union Township, it was initially named Boiling Springs Township. Bordered by Carlstadt, Wallington, and Rutherford, it’s a key community near Secaucus.

Known for its suburban charm close to urban areas, East Rutherford blends historical roots with modern living, embodying a unique New Jersey locale.

Why is Physical Therapy necessary for you?

Physical therapy helps people in a lot of key ways.

It can reduce pain, make it easier to move around, strengthen muscles, and teach people how to care for themselves. This helps them stay healthier in the long run.

First Class Physical Therapy in New Jersey has a strong track record of improving patients’ quality of life. We have worked with many patients with issues in different body areas, including the neck, shoulders, back, and knees. Physical therapists have been able to reduce discomfort and help people regain mobility and function, no matter what part of the body was causing problems initially. Patients can do more activities comfortably after working with the therapists at First Class.

Alleviate Pain

Physical therapy uses various methods to increase blood circulation, such as manual therapy, hand therapy, and strength training. Additionally, approaches including electrical stimulation can aid in fully relieving bodily pain and discomfort.

Don’t rush into surgery

Instead of rushing to surgery, many doctors advise trying physical therapy first for joint mobilization. This can help patients restore movement and function. Physical therapy has proven successful in treating numerous conditions without surgery, including knee osteoarthritis, rotator cuff tears, meniscal tears, spinal stenosis, sprains, and strains.

Improve Balance

Research shows that around 35% of people over 40 have issues with their vestibular system—the parts of the inner ear, eyes, and brain that control balance. This can hurt their quality of life. Common symptoms are vertigo, light-headedness, and poor balance during everyday activities like walking or climbing stairs.

At First Class Physical Therapy in Passaic, our physical therapists have successfully treated different vestibular problems for many patients. We help ease their symptoms and improve their balance and steadiness during daily tasks.

Physical Therapy Services for East Rutherford Residents

  • Complete Physical Therapy sessions
  • Musculoskeletal and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation
  • Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation
  • Sports Injury Rehabilitation in Passaic
  • Pre/Post Surgical Rehabilitation
  • And much more

Insurances We Accept

We accept the following insurances at First Class Physical Therapy Passaic

Aetna Healthcare NJ
Medicare plans NJ traditional medicare
United Healthcare NJ
Horizon NJ healthcare and Horizon blue cross blue shield medicare plans for physical therapy in passaic
Magnacare Health NJ
Anthem Blue Cross NJ
Amerigroup Healthcare NJ
Cigna Oscar NJ
Empire Blue Cross Healthcare NJ
Clover Health NJ
AARP Medicare NJ
Cigna NJ
WellCare NJ Health
Aetna Healthcare Medicaid NJ
Optum Care NJ
United Healthcare Medicare and Medicaid accepted at First Class Physical Therapy, Passaic, New Jersey

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We accept the above insurances for physical therapy. If your plan is not listed, please call us at +1-973-928-6334 to verify if your insurance plan is accepted.

For your convenience, we do verify benefits immediately to inform you of coverage details for physical therapy before the appointment.

We also offer discounted financial packages for physical therapy for patients who do not have health insurance or those who have maxed out their benefits.

Physical therapy should not be postponed

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